Mattone’s Luncheon

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Date(s) - 06/26/2018
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Mattone Restaurant & Bar


Guest Speaker – Mary Erlain

Connecting the dots and removing barriers! ™ truly conveys Mary Erlain’s mission and vision in her life’s work. With this mission in mind, Erlain founded Peak Development Strategies in 2007. Erlain offers business professionals the services to help them thrive in their business roles through setting personal as well as professional goals. She has a mission to strengthen an organization’s core foundation to be competitive in the marketplace with a support system of resources and knowledge of marketplace trends within various industries.

As an author, Erlain has published four books titled, 10 Answer Keys, Building Powerful Business Strategic Alliances (2011) and 10 Answer Keys, Effective Business Networking (2012), 10 Answer Keys, Communicating with the 5 Generations in the Workplace (2014), and Empowering the Multi-Generational Workforce (2017).

The inability to communicate effectively both internally among staff members as well as externally with customers is creating problems in business today. With that in mind, Erlain’s latest books offer a perspective for organizations to move from a place of struggle and conflict among their staff members to empowerment, achievement, and excellence through understanding their generational differences. Companies can take a Different, therefore WRONG approach and suffer the consequences or shift to the Not Wrong, just DIFFERENT mindset and reap the rewards. When Erlain hears the use of the term “they” as a reference to a generational group of people as opposed to a “we” to reference the organization as a team, she suspects there are issues in the culture.

She developed these books as tools to diagnose the issues that organizations struggle with both internally with staff as well as with their customers. Once the issues are identified, a plan can be developed to address those issues. This should lead to increased growth, productivity, and profitability on the business level. Even more important, “Empowering the Multi-Generational Workforce” will help you develop a more positive culture in your organization.

An additional section of the book focuses on the concept of Customer Driven Focus. This means attaching the customer to everyone and everything in the organization. Once you attach what you do for people (customers) and not to inventory or dollars, things change in an organization for the better. In the end, helping your multi-generational workforce work more effectively together and focus on the customers, wonderful things will happen in the organization.

Erlain works as a consultant for companies. She will help owners develop a strategic business plan for their organization. She also addresses issues such as: employee retention, hiring key employees, management team dynamics, helping owners get out of their own way, address issues in business development, succession planning, etc. Her research and work with generational diversity is incorporated in her consulting work as well. There is no off the shelf approach by Erlain, plans are developed based upon an organization’s needs and priorities.

Erlain is sought after as a speaker on relevant topics in business. Topics include: Communicating with the 5 Generations in the Workplace, Building Powerful Strategic Business Alliances, Effective Team Selling, Leadership vs. Management – What is the Difference?, Women in the Forefront of Leadership, Time Management, Sales Acceleration for Modern Businesses, Dealing with Difficult People, and Customer Driven Focus.