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Church & Religious Organizations

Divine Providence School
(708) 562-2258
Grace Lutheran Church
Grace Lutheran Church
The story of Grace began with a dream that seemed to the outside world no bigger than the sign hammered into the ground, a sign no bigger than a garage sale sign that said, “This site reserved for A Lutheran Church”

The Land was purchased by the Synod Mission Fund. Today we speak of the Metropolitan Chicago Synod, which is over 450 sister congregations and we are part of the ELCA. The ELCA is 10,400 sister congregations and was a merger of what is referred to as “predecessor church bodies.” One of those predecessor bodies was the Iowa Synod that funded our mission starts. Only two years later the Iowa Synod joined four other synods to become the American Lutheran Church, moreover, in the years between 1930 and 1960 there were still four other large Lutheran Church Synods that would eventually come together to form the ELCA.
Immanuel Lutheran Church
(708)-299-7030 ext 102
Westchester Bible Church
The focus and passion of Westchester Bible Church is to give God our worship and our praise. As we meet to worship together, we receive His Word by which we are convicted, instructed, and encouraged. You will receive truth and inspiration for practical living as we dig deep into the inexhaustible Word of God. You and your loved ones will be encouraged and uplifted as our church family extends our support and prayers to you. We are eager to serve you and to help you grow in your relationship with God.
Westchester Community Church
(708) 865-1282
(708) 865-1411